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Anthony Hsu

PhD Student

Quantum Finance


Centre for Brain, Mind and Markets

Faculty of Business and Economics

The University of Melbourne



Level 12, 198 Berkeley Street (The Spot)

Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia


+61 497 950 000

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Anthony Hsu is the first Quantum Finance PhD student at The University of Melbourne.


Quantum Finance is a new and exciting interdisciplinary field spanning finance, computer science, quantum physics, and mathematics. Anthony's research aims to apply quantum computing technology to more effectively solve complex and resource-intensive problems in finance, including machine learning, portfolio optimisation, and risk simulation.


Anthony has always been fascinated by computing technology. He co-founded Meiro International in 2015, an IT reseller that supplies high performance and specialised computer equipment to Australian businesses and educational institutions.


Anthony transitioned into the world of quantum computing in 2021. He is currently working on two Quantum Finance startups: Quantum Fintech (Trademark pending) and Quantum Fund Australia (QFund, Trademark pending).


Quantum Fintech ( is a quantum financial services provider, the first of its kind in Australia. The domain is short for fault-tolerant quantum computing - the era in which quantum computers are expected to be useful for practical applications.


QFund ( provides pre-seed stage capital to quantum technology startups in Australia and abroad. We welcome business enquiries from founders as well as institutional investors.


In his spare time, Anthony invests in Australian residential real estate and travels the world using frequent flyer miles.


Quantum Fintech - Quantum Computing for Finance - Financing the Quantum Leap


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